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I'm a computer science student passionate about technology, design, and entrepreneurship.

About me

✌️ I'm a student at University of Southern California studying computer science.

🦄 I'm passionate about providing equitable access to education in technology, designing for accessibility, and building communities.

👩🏻‍🏫 I'm experienced in iOS app development, front-end web development, UI/UX design, and object-oriented programming.

📝 I'm currently learning more about the topics listed above and dabbling with Figma and Spline to create 2D/3D illustrations!

💖 In my free time, I enjoy playing jazz piano, walking my dog, and trying new boba places!

projects i've



Swift, Figma, Canva

An iOS mobile game for kids with special needs to build their own story by selecting characters and scenery. Digitally designed visual components and electronically produced original music.

Climate Change Activist Toolkit

HTML, CSS, Javascript

A website that informs the user of why climate change is an important issue, the causes, and steps to take action.

Animal Crossing Personality Quiz

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Figma

A quiz that tells you which Animal Crossing villager you are based on your personality!


Swift, OpenWeatherMap API, Canva, Figma

A mobile app that fetches real-time weather data from any chosen city and displays personal recommendations on what to wear and bring outside based on the current weather.


Swift, Canva, HTML, CSS, Javascript

An application that helps combat deforestation by planting trees worldwide, featuring a virtual tree that can be watered, a trivia quiz, and a donation page for environmental nonprofits.

...and more to come!

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